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Canada Pavilion, World Expo Osaka Japan 2025

April 13- 2025 – October 13 2025
Global Affairs Canada

Canada Pavilion – World Expo Osaka Japan

Discover the Canada Pavilion: A Celebration of Creativity, Diversity, and Sustainability

At the heart of the Expo 2025, the Canada Pavilion stands as a testament to Canada’s innovation and forward-thinking spirit. Embracing the Expo theme, “Designing Future Society for our Lives,” this remarkable project is a collaboration between industry leaders and creative visionaries.

Led by ES Global and JKFL Productions, with creative direction from Mirari and Public Presentation Co-Directors Robert Lepage and Steve Blanchet, the Canada Pavilion promises an unforgettable experience. Our architectural partners, the award-winning firms Rayside Labossière and Guillaume Pelletier Architecte, have crafted a design that draws inspiration from the natural Canadian phenomenon of the embâcle, or ice jam. This symbolizes the transformation and regeneration seen as frozen waterways thaw and rivers flow freely, reflecting new growth in both nature and society.

In June 2023, Global Affairs Canada awarded the design/build contract to ES Global, partnering with JKFL Productions to bring this vision to life. JKFL Productions is at the helm of project management, ensuring seamless communication with stakeholders, overseeing the production of all exhibition elements, and managing the overall budget. Our Technical Director (TD) is dedicated to the technical aspects of the interior elements, from design and development to the implementation of cutting-edge technology, overseeing the fabrication of scenic elements, and ensuring flawless technical installation.

Together, with ES Global’s construction expertise and our exceptional creative teams, the Canada Pavilion promises to be an unmissable highlight of the World Expo. Join us in celebrating Canada’s creativity, diversity, and our shared optimism for a sustainable future.

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